Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free Download of "SUNNY" by AURIEMMA new versions John Hurlahe and Small cover


Auriemma performing "Sunny" 

(B. Hebb)  Portable Music BMI

Who is Auriemma?

Singer/Songwriter & musician for over 35 years.I 

perform all of my music.I write as personal as I can & 

love telling the stories behind my songs.Back in the 

ring  for live performances on a very personal medium.


Editor Joe Viglione writes:

This sparse folk version sounds a lot like early Richie Havens with an intriguing guitar lead under the rendition. Nice!  
JOHN HURLAHE performing "Sunny"

Uploaded on Jan 19, 2010
One of my friends, Cameron McGraw, recently made me a mixed CD with a bunch of music on it that I might not normally listen to. The original Bobby Hebb version of "Sunny" was on that album, and I've found myself listening to it quite a bit. If you like this version (or even if you don't) you should give the original a listen too... it's great.

Anyway, this is my take on "Sunny." Hope you enjoy


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Joeseph Rocker said...

Tremendous thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Joeseph Rocker said...

Many thanks from Auriemma :)