Sunday, April 07, 2013

Design "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb on RPM Records reissue of band DESIGN

RPM's previous Design reissues, the packaging is exceptional, with vintage photos/graphics and detailed track-by-track liner notes from Design singer/keyboardist Barry Alexander.

1 Colour All the World Michael Gately / Robert John Design 3:14
2 Mayday Sandie Banks / Herbie Flowers Design 3:10
3 One Sunny Day Ed Welch Design 3:03
4 Lazy Song Barry Alexander Design 3:06
5 Day By Day Stephen Schwartz Design 3:04
6 Once Upon a Time Barry Alexander Design 2:41
7 Child Barry Alexander Design 3:59
8 Children of the Mist Design 2:56
9 (All-Purpose, Omni-Directional, Black and White) American Sun Shades Design 2:24
10 Sunny Bobby Hebb Design 2:29

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