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Sonny Bono Performing SUNNY - Behind the Music

Both VH-1's Behind the Music and
Nightline utilized the "Sunny" clip, which Sonny Bono performed - possibly on his own tv program without Cher.


Sonny Bono

This episode covers the singer/actor/comedian turned politician, best known for his association (both on and off stage) with Cher. Although Sonny couldn't read music, he wrote some classic songs. Shooting to fame after hooking up with then-16 Cher, the couple became household names. Their TV teasing became all too real bickering, and after they divorced, she went on to bigger stardom. Sonny regrouped, however, to open his own restaurant, and become mayor of Palm Springs. Tragically, he lost his life in a skiing accident, just six days before this episode aired.less


Behind the Music, VH1  Episode #14  Jan 11, 1998
has 2 clips of Sonny Bono performing "Sunny," possibly from his own Sonny Bono Comedy Revue.

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1 x 1Milli Vanilli1997-08-17
1 x 2M.C. Hammer1997-08-24
1 x 3Boy George1997-08-31
1 x 4Fleetwood Mac1997-09-07
1 x 5Nowhere to Run1997-09-21
1 x 6Imagemakers1997-09-28
1 x 7Lynyrd Skynyrd1997-10-19  
1 x 8Teddy Pendergrass1997-10-26
1 x 9Billy Joel1997-11-09
1 x 10Lilith Fair1997-11-16
1 x 11Andy Gibb1997-11-30
1 x 12Jim Croce1997-12-02  
1 x 13Carpenters1998-01-01
1 x 14Sonny Bono1998-01-11

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