Friday, May 01, 2015

Radio Morning Duo do a "SUNNY" answer song

A morning radio duo Scott & Traci in the morning on 96.3 Country (Jackson, Mississippi) recorded an "answer song" to Bobby Hebb's "SUNNY" for the TV WAPT weather man, David Hartman's predictions. 

The US 96.3 Country DJs have recorded a follow-up response to the “David Hartman Song,” which blamed 16 WAPT chief meteorologist David Hartman for days and days of rainy weather.

“We hope he likes it,” Lee said in an email to 16 WAPT News.
The new song, which is sung to the tune of Bobby Hebb's "Sunny," praises the sunny forecast. Hartman said the last time we had five straight days of rain-free weather was in mid-February.

The song will debut on the radio on Friday. Get a preview here.

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