Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bobby Hebb Touring Japan


He will be performing at BillboardLive in Osaka Japan and BillboardLive in
Tokjo Japan sometime this year.

Bobby Hebb in Osaka October 23rd

Bobby Hebb in Tokyo October 25th

Here's his biography on

ROY NATHANSON.. Sotto Voce ..(AUM037) with "Sunny"
Stock photo

May 09, 2006



Record Label:

AUM Fidelity





Roy Nathanson: alto sax, soprano sax & vocals
Sam Bardfeld:
violin & vocals
Curtis Fowlkes:
trombone & vocals
Tim Kiah:
bass & vocals
Napoleon Maddox:
human beatbox & vocals

Produced by Hugo Dwyer and Steven Joerg
Recorded on November 13, 2005 at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn by Hugo Dwyer.
Mixed and Mastered out back where the horse used to live.

Listen to Roy's saxophone version of "Sunny" here:

"Here's a resounding welcome back for Nathanson, whose Sotto Voce brims with a bemused exuberance and bubbles with a strange brew of spoken word, song and improvisation. Sotto Voce functions as a hip, lyrical variety show that that at turns gets boisterous with instrumental soaring (snaky sax lines, Curtis Fowlkes' trombone slithers, violinist Sam Bardfeld's klesmer-shaded phrasings) and energized by the hip-hop and doo-wop-infused vocal of Napoleon Maddox. Tunes range from Nathanson originals (the playful but poignant "By The Page" and the melodic beauty "Home") to covers like the new-grooved rendering of Bobby Hebb's 1966 soul hit "Sunny." Like Nathanson's spirited projects with the Jazz Passengers, which he and Fowlkes co-founded in 1987, Sotto Voce is jazz that stretches the art form." - Dan Ouellette

Bobby Hebb with The Beatles up on Auction

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